Friday, June 08, 2012

friday forte: dear mr ghomeshi

OK - straight up.
I have difficulty listening for the first couple of minutes of Q. After your sultry, well hi there! (be still my fluttering heart) I focus on your opening monologue.
Once, I pulled the car over to the side of the road.

After that I listen. Sure, to learn about celebs, movers and shakers, news makers and people I've never heard of. But also to learn about style, the how-to of interviewing, teasing out the formula from your seamless flow of eloquent questions. How to craft the story, and engage both interviewee and the listener. It's a skill - you make it seem effortless.

I have a question.
But first here's some background.
This summer is my summer of work experience towards college diploma, when I get back in the saddle of paid work outside the home after an absence of over a decade. I'm loving it, totally stoked to find out I can still 'do stuff', get paid, and am still functional/not obsolete. insert big smiley here

Part of my duties is content management wrangling, getting to grips with Adobe CQ5 and wrestling old website pages into a shiny new format. Me and my mouse and my laptop are coping just fine.

The rest revolves around profiles and features, reporting on actual news (rather than the All About Me witterings populating this blog). This requires writing, editing (lots of editing) the fruits of my interviewing ... listening to the audio file, cringeing at (too much of) my voice and what I'm asking ... This last is the worst; I sound like a complete twit.

How long, and I sincerely hope I'm not a forever-twit, till I stop thinking all my interview questions are the dumbest things ever heard?

PS: loved the Philip Glass interview this morning
PPS: happy birthday
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