Saturday, January 28, 2012

yesterday's friday forte today: parenting break

A pro D day, and a break from routine to be a mum for the whole day. Sounds wacky? but with college assignments, volunteer work, more assignments and housework i've been feeling lately that the parenting has been pushed to the sidelines. Crazy, since I can't just stop being a mum.
So the wee guy and I ran a couple of errands (including a trip to the doc's; turns out wee guy does have bronchitis as I suspected) then trekked in to the big smoke to spend the day at the art gallery wandering among the Emily Carr pieces.

Me: what does this painting remind you of?
Wee guy: it puts me in mind of (sic) starry night by vincent van gogh
Etc etc etc

I love my job :)

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