Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a mystery it should stay

We solved a mystery during the christmas holidays. No, not the all time mystery of ages or any such pressing human question, but a sweetly important one to us as a family nonetheless.

The LEGO mignifier.
It ranks as highly as finding out what a "mio" was when the Wee Guy started to talk, or trying to fathom what on earth he was meaning by telling us each morning that he had his eyeballs in. 

Now, our Wee Guy didn't start talking until The Very Last Minute (as defined by his doctor drawing me aside and saying, "If he hasn't started talking in the next few months we need to start some diagnostics.") when he could make sentences instead of those ridiculous one-word utterances that the average kid comes out with at first. Then he started reading (yes, there were a couple years between talking and reading) and increased his vocabulary through the written word ... which leads to some very strange pronunciations. 

Like mio, which it turned out was his name for the cat (miaow!).
Then there was the mysterious inventor Zander Grahamble who invented the telephone.
And laterly, mignifier, which he resolutely refuses to pronounce as mini figure.

He's very stubborn and resilient to correction.
But secretly we like it, especially mignifier.
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