Monday, January 30, 2012

midlife monday: afloat in a boat

on the water, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.
Apparently, and in North America at least, being midlife is now the norm. According to this author, mid lifers are now one third of the population and control seventy percent of its finances.
The author also goes on to say that notions and prescriptions for what it is to be middle aged are now also flying out of the window. What was the norm for a previous generation of midlifers is not such an automatic assumption for the current spread. It ain't your mother's (or father's) middle age you're heading into.
Luckily I'm on the younger side of the current boom demographic; I can even wiggle into Gen X if I suck in my tummy. I can watch how my older peers navigate their way into a middle age and take notes. Many of them are in the same stage of motherhood, and those are the ones I watch most avidly.
So, I might be all at sea in this new phase of my life but, holding tightly on to my paddle, I'm hardly adrift.
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