Tuesday, January 31, 2012

terrific tuesday: a few links

supremely terrific :)
Tuesday is a blur - college all day (though this afternoon's class has been cancelled with extras thrown in for Thursday's class).
So what's wonderful this week?

  • I was interviewed waaaay back in January (wait, it's still january, just) by the amazing Amber of strocel.com. I managed to out mr ebb's vasectomy and explain why I was 'done' with having babies. Listen to my reasons as the lone voice of enough is enough in an interview with two other mums here.
  • This week's Family Place newsletter is ready ahead of time (f@#king amazing). Not only this but I heard through the grapevine, that it has impressed some officials within the provincial childcare community. Feedback is always good :)
  • The unusual spurt of efficiency continues! I'm packed and ready to go for set up at Port Moody City Hall tomorrow, where my 'carp' will be on display. There's a sneak peek here from the other blog.
  • I have A Very Good Reason to visit Caffe Divano this week. I don't really need to say any more on this; I really don't need an excuse either.
  • My winning music CDs from CBC Tempo arrived yesterday, woot! I am now five classical CDs richer, all thanks to answering a tweet from the amazing Jnez (thank you - I've never won anything like this before). Oh the power of social media :)
Wishing you an equally (or more so) wonderful week too xoxo
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