Friday, January 20, 2012

friday forte: in the eye

eye, eye, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

I'm sitting in an unheated house, typing away at the keyboard and staring at the purple celtic blood circulating under my translucent skin. For some odd reason, i'm still trying to cost my family nothing, same as when I arrived, unemployed as a trailing spouse, in Canada over 10 years ago. My reasoning goes, since i'm not earning anything, then I should keep my running costs to a minimum.
of course, this is utterly ridiculous on so many fronts but the working at home with no heating during the day ideology still persists.
Other things have changed, and my thin translucent celtic skin is one of them. It's looking frighteningly haggard right now, a relic of chronic colds over christmas, I think. It's quite strange to feel no older than an undergrad (first time round) and then catch sight of frump in the mirror. But this is me - a new haircut helps, and I don't wander round with a mirror all the time. Life goes on and it's actually pretty damn good these days.
Luckily, the lines are from smiling. Excuse me while I run off to make some more.

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