Tuesday, September 27, 2011

thanks for the weekend

I owe a huge thank you for my weekend.
Let me explain, weekend is often work for me, either teaching, craft fairs, homework or some kind of combination of the three. This last weekend was no different, except that work took place right in my back yard (so zero commute, yippee). On Saturday I took part in Port Moody's Festival of the Arts Art For Youth day at the skate park, where I gave millions (ok, slight overexaggeration but it was busy) of kids a taste of wire hammering. Then on Sunday I was part of the Blackberry Artist's Society artisan team, being the artist in the tent at Art 4U Day (a very wet hour under the tent).

Many thanks firstly to Kelsey who got me involed in the youth event and found the most awesome bunch of enthusiastic volunteers ever (you guys really rocked, if 46y old me can say that without sounding totally lame).
Thanks also to the other artists huddling under the tent - you made a wet afternoon pass more. Pleasantly than it should have (and you sold some of my stuff too!).
A big thanks to all the lovely peeps who visited me under my various tent abodes, especially the parents who bravely supervised their small kids wielding hammers.
A huge thanks to mr ebb who, as usual, took on a weekend of childwrangling with style (and cooked dinner each night). Very difficult without you, sweetie xoxo
And finally, gratitude to Will Stroet whose concert made the Wee Guy's day with all that singing and dancing :)

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