Monday, September 19, 2011

midlife monday: strange muttering woman on bike

(time to resurrect that old chestnut)

I'm still here. Life has not got any slower since my last anguished post about stopping the world, indeed it got briefly faster today on a downhill stretch of the Barnet Highway. Thanks to mr ebb for capturing a moment from that voyage (and for being an extremely patient bike coach).

Since my last post, I've gotten a grip on life once more and feel Much More Positive. I've withdrawn from one college course and opened up my time a bit more. Hopefully strange muttering woman will be confined to her bicycle and not get in the way of everyday matters. Maybe growing older means learning to let go? Life leading up to Christmas is always busy for pomo mama design (remember? the jewelry business this old bat runs on the side in an effort to stay sane?) so the next few months will be a wild ride. Stay on board or hop off at the next stop. Your choice.

Oh, and we're getting a hamster soon.

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