Monday, September 26, 2011

midlife monday: it's not me, it's my equipment

I'm sure I had an ultra witty post for today's midlife monday but it got bogged down on the treacle that is my current computer's fastest processing speed. It's taken a reading diary assignment for college to show me quite bluntly that it's not me, it's my equipment which is going slow. I may be a woman in my prime but I'm being held back creatively by a computer lurching gamely towards its twilight years.
Oh, and it has short term memory problems too. Ask it to perform too many tasks and it goes into a panicked tailspin, taking my data with it.
Or it swallows chunks of text.
Or it takes so long to string two letters together on screen that I end up losing the plot. While I wait for the CPU to catch up with my requirements I fiddle around with easy offline tasks, but my train of thought is well and truly wrecked. And swapping to the laptop isn't much better - checking one email can take as long as 10 minutes, and please don't even contemplate a reply.
Seriously though, laughable as it may be, I am wasting a lot of time coping with my equipment. At a time in my life when my own CPU may start to decline/develop idiosyncracies, I need all the processing help I can muster. Time to check the piggy bank, time for another trip to Dell.

PS: Contributions gratefully received - I've just updated my list of craft fairs for christmas hint hint ;)

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