Thursday, September 15, 2011

self portrait Thursday 15th September: stop the world

This is how I feel right now. I'm running so fast but still not getting anywhere ... and I've only been back a week.

And it's been a hopelessly packed full week too: college, back to school for the Wee Guy, mr ebb traveling, eight weeks plus of housework in waiting, broken stuff just waiting to be repaired, tidying up and storage issues, crusty old pools of dried cat vomit dotted around the house, appointments, deadlines, playdates to organise, crapped out compromised bank account meaning my debit/ATM card is FUBAR, ... and so on.

Right now I'm feeling the familiar wheels of being totally overwhelmed churning in my mind at 5am every morning. I know I can do everything ... somehow I'll find or make the time, though I hate the constant prioritising that goes with it.

But right now I'd just like the world to stop for a while so I can catch up.

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