Friday, September 09, 2011

friday forte: jet lagged oh my

a high protein meal is advised to counteract jet lag

Back in the land of the living. I thought we were doing pretty well so far. The Wee Guy and I both slept right thru the night till 7am, then he went off to school and I completed an order for wire beads (
So far so good.
Then I waded thru my inbox, mailed the order, drove to the bank and tried to sort out my side of our account suspension (it happened on our first day in Paris), picked up my new college ID (nice shiny face but an improvement on last year's) and UPass, then even had enough energy to call in at the Blackberry gift shop in Port Moody Arts Centre to photograph the featured artist display (you should go there). Picked up Wee Guy from school ... and this is where the jetlag struck. He was too tired to play in the park, and I collapsed on the sofa with annoyingly restless legs.
At times like this there's nothing you can do except go out for sushi :)

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