Thursday, September 29, 2011

self portrait thursday: ready for my close up


This evening I was at a momcafe networking event on PR, organised by the amazing Julie of @momcafetricity and delivered enthusiastically by Almira (? Not sure if my notes were v accurate - wahey the vino) of Jive PR (sorry, no hyperlinks as I'm posting from the phone). As usual, my elevator speech of introduction was a mish mash of mixed media artist, writing student, and not quite sure what I plan to do, in the midst of some superbly confident deliveries from the other women attending.
But this evening I felt even more OK about it than usual. So what? I don't have a hugely productive business but I do enjoy creating the art that I do. It is very much a niche market but I'm proud to see it as wearable art. Likewise with the writing - I know I can write and each week I step a little closer to knowing what direction I want to take it in so that it will work for me and for my family. There's no rush.
I think I'm almost ready for my close up.

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