Friday, April 01, 2011

friday forte: out to lunch

Oh and in so many ways!

Almost at the end of Spring Break - the Wee Guy and I headed downtown (in a leisurely, just before noon, sort of fashion), stopping off at Laughing Bean to refuel after a late waffley breakfast. We snacked then got to Science World in time to fight our way round the (much reduced) exhibits on display (are they still charging full price admission?). Thanks to our refueling pit stop we managed to escape the 'completely-at-at-odds-with-the-healthy-eating-and-zero-packaging-message-upstairs' fine dining experience (was it even open?) and settled for lunch in the public market on Granville Island (gee, I miss being close to that place).

So what's this week's pithy Friday forte comment?
Nothing, except I don't want this kind of thing to end. I'm even firmer in my resolve to find some kind of gainful, meaningful paid employment which I can fit in, around and in spite of the family. I don't want to have to battle for days off, or plonk my kid in front of an electronic minder during his holidays, or become stressed when the holidays loom into my work periods. I still believe it can be done. I don't know how I'll manage it. I'm pretty sure it won't be simple.

But I do know I don't want to lose this (what mother doesn't want to see her son take on a giant sparrow or sideways worms <rotate damn photo, rotate dammit> these days? Get real!)

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