Monday, April 11, 2011

auspicious heavenly bodies

Bloedel conservatory
even in the dryness of a desert plants can flourish

I am not an avid follower of my horoscope. I've avoided linking up any autotweet astrology technology to my twitterverse. I don't base my day on what the stars foretell. I'm aware that most horoscopes are so vague they are a close fit whether you're 9 months or 90 years, male, female or in between.

But I do take a peek at them, and I do nod my head sagely when whatever is written seems to coincide with my own life events.

Evidently the last of three Jupiter/Saturn alignments occurred just before the end of March meaning variously conflict of freedom with restraints, the past colliding with the future, and 'a pivotal juncture'. cough. It's the opposition of Jupiter's expansion, growth, the future, with Saturn's limitations, reality, mortality and the past, dontcha know. In translation for Leo, cos that's what I am, this cycle of conflict and opposition began last spring and is now, with the latest alignment, complete. And with its completion there should be release, unburdening and a path unblocked. Clarity, surety and confidence will return in fuller force. Rose Marcus urged me to 'reconnect with myself'.

I read this last Tuesday.
It resonated so very much with what I had written for my previous friday forte post and how I was currently feeling. So uncanny. While I don't 'believe' in horoscopes, I do admit to feeling boosted by this one.
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