Tuesday, April 05, 2011

almost there Tuesday

photo credit: Tanis Alexis

- my last class at college for this semester
- on the final run for prep for the gallery show (load-in is next Tuesday, squeal!)
- almost up-to-date with April photographs and blog posts for the Blackberry Artists
- haircut tomorrow
- tax software loaded
- task list diminishing

I've almost made it!
Tanis, my co-exhibitee (her awesome work is in the pic above) and I have started chatting about our contribution for the opening night reception (Port Moody Arts Centre, Thursday 21st April, 6-8pm). I'm super-excited to be sharing the exhibition space with her. She's been a great friend and true inspiration in my fibre-y explorations.

This isn't quite a monthly review, it's more an amazed 'whee, i made it thru the last six months' celebration. I've been flat out with pomo mama design stuff for christmas craft fairs and gallery shows since late October, with an added 'side' of part time college courses, Christmas and the usual parenting/volunteerism thrown in. I've learned to efficiently plan my time, 'be present' for my child, and increase my output.
I'm pleased but not smug. I won't be throwing my hat in the air and whooping until my taxes are done.
But I do have a small smile on my face in anticipation :)

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