Friday, April 15, 2011

friday forte: a good day to shoot the wolves at Grouse

Sometimes a day doesn't go according to the exact plan (though I'm hoping for a smooth run to the ballet this evening) and 'bumps' come up. This morning for example.

My plan = drop some things off at Port Moody Arts Centre (I'm having an exhibition of my work there ...........) then swan off to enjoy Grouse's 22cm of new snow.

The reality? A huge queue, the very slow blue tram, and a wait time of longer than I preferred.

But with all the noise, commotion, and bustle, the wolves were out and about, pacing in good viewing distance for shooting. And I wasn't the only one taking aim (I was just the one with the least impressive equipment). We were joined at the fence by one of the wildlife volunteers who, in addition to filling us in on the wolves' individual bios, pointed out the advancing figure of the ranger with a bucket of wolf chow. So we were able to shoot during lunch too.

All this would have been missed if a. I had just suited and booted to get on the tram, and b. the crowd hadn't been there to pique the wolves' curiousity.

Anyone care to muse on what they might miss by not rolling with the bumps?

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