Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The Wee Guy is a singleton.
He started out as one (or perhaps two since he's a lefty) and will most likely always be a one.
I started waaaaaaaay too late on this procreation lark, the events surrounding the actual birthing process were a little iffy, and even though I loved being pregnant it's just Not Going To Happen Again.

So he has no siblings. No ready-made playmates or sparring partners. We have to go seek them. On a daily basis I attempt to organise playdates, arrange out-of-school activities where we will meet mini peeps, and orchestrate social interactions.

But mostly it's just him and me, out for the afternoon. He's naturally sociable and I encourage him to "make friends".

This afternoon at the beach he "entertained" a couple of inquisitive two-year old twins, coping admirably with toy appropriation and their alien concept of sharing.

I watched as he made tentative steps to joining a group of older children playing in the sand. He asked me first before picking up his bucket to go join them, stopping a few feet away and hesitating until an invite, a glance was issued.

My heart aches for him at such times. He'll never have a confident or delegated older sibling to forge these new paths, or a brash younger sibling as an automatic ice breaker. I wrestle with stepping in to fight his social introduction battles for him but hang back knowing he's acquiring his own valuable life skills. He's developing his own social persona sans interference.

I hope this is the right way to parent. I guess I'll never really know because I really did start waaaay too late.

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