Wednesday, May 06, 2009

May - possibly flowers later

This is the garden I grew up in. It's in central Scotland so the seasons are a little later and May flowers are quite often postponed until June. At first the garden was a wilderness then my parents had their house built and tamed the jungle. Where willow herb ran rampant they established lush lawns and exotic herbaceous island beds. Annoyingly, a semi-decent sled run down the garden was 'ruined' by installing a pond and ornamental trees as they pursued their vision. In my teen years I don't think I gave the garden much thought (although the wooden shed did come in for a bit of a hammering late one night .....).
I have long since forgiven them and now appreciate a gentle potter around the leafy pathways when I manage a trip back home. It is now a hidden tangle of pathways, abundant flowers and leafy nooks. What was once a large open space is now a collection of outdoor rooms and vistas. Each season, not just May, brings changes in flowers and foliage, surprising the visitor with sudden unexpected glimpses. Returning from weekend trips home from university my arms would be laden with wrapped bunches of flowers for my room. Since then I've always appreciated bunches of flowers around the home, replacing the garden which is no longer just outside the door. It's also a small haven for my Wee Guy to run around in (as long as he misses the pond). It's become more meaningful for me the further away I travel.
The garden influences a lot of my work. Flower designs figure prominently in a variety of mediums, ranging from metal to stone carving to polymer clay. If I'm doodling a flower will appear on paper nine times out of ten.
... you can't get the garden out of the girl!


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