Thursday, May 21, 2009


... and let me be the first to admit that my marketing is non-existent and would be marked 'could do better'.

I still haven't gotten a real handle on what I can do effectively with my time and efforts in this manner. I've tried Project Wonderful in a dibs and dabs manner and not really noticed that many hits coming from it (note to self: target ad placement better). I blog and twitter and notice incomings from my stat counters. I add items to GoogleBase using ecrater and artfire's auto function.

What's my next step?

Locally I've found that just being around, chatting, taking classes and wearing my designs out and about has worked well. This afternoon the collection above is taking up residence in its new home, the craft boutique at the Port Moody Art Centre, where the pieces will be on sale thru the summer. In addition to this venue there are two other local bricks and mortar retailers carrying my work and I'm hoping for a few more craft fairs this summer.

Then after Christmas maybe I'll set up a marketing plan ..... who knows?


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