Thursday, May 28, 2009

inspiration in unlikely places

late night sess

chaotic nighttime crafting desk

this week's inspirations;

  1. collecting my unsolds from Steph at Devil May Wear and chatting about the dismal world of retail but leaving with some great thoughts on giving my wholesale efforts some more oomph

  2. being invited to display my work at the local city hall with another jeweler in the artist's cooperative

  3. learning I have seven students signed up for the wire crochet summer class I will be teaching

  4. sunshine

  5. getting an email from a chap I sold some wire to, saying it had arrived and that he was now able to mend his clock

  6. the Wearable Art exhibition at Port Moody Art Gallery

So I started making some more art clay silver pieces for the exhibit, and I wired up some more cufflinks. It's nice to be making something again after spending a lot of time just mucking about on the computer or dealing with household admin.


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