Monday, May 04, 2009

downtime - the day after the day before

little batch of buds

collection of buds in copper, brass and sterling silver

It was a good day yesterday for handmade in Vancouver BC. The spring season well and truly kicked off in style with the Got Craft fair on Commercial Drive. It was a great day for selling wire crochet - I met lots of people and made some new friends in addition to putting faces to names in the Vancouver BC Etsy team who I moderate a forum for. In the interest of full disclosure though I should admit that my memory for faces and names is hazy at best so please do not be surprised if I stare in blank recognition or a while next time we meet!

So now that my first craft show of the season is over I can relax. The first is always a nightmare of preparation as so much of my 'kit' migrates around my studio in the off season. Relaxation for me includes the inevitable spring clean but also a chance to focus on some new work. For example I want to make more in the bud range shown above. I've made rings, earrings and pendants in brass, sterling and copper. I'd like to try making some more delicate pendants for the summer, maybe with different wire patterns. I'm also itching to try making some more fidget rings (so name cos they're great to play with while wearing them!)

new ring design

I've also juried and been accepted for one more local B&M, my local art centre no less, which brings my total number of retail venues to three - I need to nurture these and establish a range of items for each. I also have to think about craft fairs later on in the season too.

Relaxation will be busy :)


fidget ring in brass with furnace glass, size 7.5US


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