Thursday, August 16, 2007


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I've finally taken the plunge and crocheted with sterling silver.

For some reason working with this metal has been extremely off-putting but last night I couldn't resist the call from my wire drawer. Ever since seeing curbsidetreasure's treasury poster entry here I've been inspired into a white phase.

So I cooked up a bead soup of white jasper, howlite, glass, shell and crystal and took it, a pack of fine gauge sterling wire and my trusty hook down to a girls' crafting night out. While three of the ladies knitted and the hostess embroidered, I knotted myself into 20 feet of sterling wire with beads attached. I then extricated myself, tumbled the resulting mesh and this morning it looks v purdy!

Keep checking the flickr gallery for the completed cuff and
here for on sale eventually!

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