Thursday, August 09, 2007

another sea glass pairing

XOX detail
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There's something quite powerful about sea glass. I don't know if it's an emotional pull since all my pieces come from the scottish beach where I grew up or were collected by me from the wild, stormy beaches of Northumberland near where I bought my first house. Or maybe the knowledge that the glass had a former life and has been reborn, or the immense power of the ocean in which it changed ........ I'm not much of a poet or writer so I'll stop now but sea glass has always intrigued me.

One of the local craft shops also holds a great deal of power over me too. Those little money off discount coupons which arrive mysteriously with every delivery of the local newspapers seduce me with promises of craftiness and new skills, so much potential contained in a four-page vivid advertising flyer.

Anyways, the coupon is usually frittered away on findings, crayons for the wee guy, beading wire, preemo (used to be fimo but I've gotten a bit peeved at its rock solid condition recently and committed pc adultery) etc. etc. etc., all fairly low ticket value items - until January this year when I got a stamping set at 50% reduction! That was so totally worth it! At last - a meaningful purchase.

"But that was January," ........ "This is August!"
It took me approximately six months to order the stamping discs from Rio Grande. Me? I don't move fast .......

But back to the sea glass (at last). I stamped and tumble polished the disc and was quite pleased .......... but it seemed a little bland. Hmmm. Add the wired sea glass and Voila! I give you Hugs and Kisses sterling and seaglass pendant.
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