Friday, August 10, 2007

simple earrings - fused glass

...... and in the middle of this wiring sea glass frenzy I've made some time to make a few pairs of earrings.

There are two styles now to choose from, simple (as shown in the pic) and complex. I'm not a great one for coming up with fancy shmancy, arty farty names for my jewelry pieces (from a scientist huh?) so simple and complex are here to stay.

Simple is well, um .... simple. This pair comprises a pair of gorgeous luminous cabs from plus sterling silver beads on my new design sterling hook earwires. I've been wearing my pair every day since the beginning of the week.

... and complex is er (shuffles) complex (ahem). I'll post a pic soon or check out this link for a peek. The pair in the link are made from hammered square sterling wire with dangling freshwater pearls. I've also been hammering up a pair in copper and vintage glass too (but not hammering the glass obviously).

Mouth watering? then head on over here to buy them before they get snapped up at the market this weekend!
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