Saturday, August 11, 2007


... and so these are the complex earrings and (agree with me please cos I've had a long, hard day at a very quiet craft market without too many sales) they are more complicated in design than the simple ones I posted yesterday.

This pair is in hammered copper wire with vintage glass dangles. I made a similar pair for myself as my Christmas "party" pair (and how many parties does a SAHM mum of a four year old go to? hmmm) along with an asymmetric cleavage dangler in copper (for my asymmetric cleavage, since you ask!) similar to this mermaid necklace in silver. Whenever I wore the earrings they were commented on and complimented (nope, it wasn't always with the cleavage) so it's taken a good eight months to stop being soooooo dense and re-make a popular design.

Is it just me or do others hate repeating designs? BTW, the earwires are my new hammered copper earhooks - now that I have copper earwires at hand there will be no stopping the copper ear adornments I can conjure up!
... and this is the latest version of complex in hammered square sterling wire with freshwater pearl dangles. They are hanging from a version of my new tiny hoops sterling earwires (still playing around with the design of these ones). The hammered pieces were assmebled and then tumble polished for a few hours before attaching the pearls. The metal is thus polished shiney but not glossy and still retains some of the hammer marks.
Interested? Available here on mintd.
... and I'll be making some more copper complex designs as the pair above are destined for someone special!

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