Sunday, August 05, 2007

my poor aching fingers

my poor aching fingers
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I'm still trying to work out how I can craft in, around and in spite of my family so very often I end up making jewelry into the night. Last night was one of them! I'm currently on a wire wrapping binge and my poor little fingers are aching. I'm also losing my fingernails and am still working in plated wire or brass, copper, etc. cos I consider myself still learning.

On the in tray beneath my hand you can see two blue blobs. The one on the right is one of the Shoozles cabs* I received a few weeks ago and the blue on the left is a piece of sea glass which matches beautifully. In my hand is the wire prep for wiring the sea glass.

Eventually, sometime just after 11pm I finished wiring both peices. The sea glass is now in the tumbler, polishing and hardening.

I'll post pics of the finished product which is destined for listing on Mintd.

*I love this cab! Apart from it being a gorgeous collection of blues and greens, it also contains sand which was the initial starting material for making glass in days of yore!!

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