Thursday, November 12, 2015

spt12nov15: on the couch

Still playing nurse. But it's only about ten days since four became three in the dogleg department. Early days.
And I'm still worrying about him.
There are times when his progress is remarkable, when he sprints (yes, sprints) up the road in his amazing hoppy bounding gait.
And there are times when I'm beside myself with worry - he's not back to eating properly yet. I'm not sure if he's unwell, in pain, nauseated, or holding out for more convalescent diet.
When he's exhausted, he just lies flat out, breathing heavily.
He sleeps and dreams and chases things (or runs away), with all four legs.
I'm probably expecting too much of this new amputee - I'd really like him to start eating well, eating his dog food once again.
I'm too much the mother - health is signified by appetite and a clean plate.
Here's to clean plates, Rosco!
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