Monday, November 16, 2015

midlife monday: due diligence

It's that time of the year again.
No, not anniversary, birthday or back to school - flu shot season.
The Wee Guy and I headed to our local friendly (and gentle) pharmacist for our shots. We're now sitting out the 15 minutes anaphylaxis watch in the comfy chairs next to the blood pressure machine.
Wee Guy is free of his back-to-school cough, and I'm over my tetanus booster from last weeekend. If we didn't move on the vaccinations today, the window of opportunity would be over - I learned this lesson the hard way one year when we all went down with flu as I waited for a time when neither was sick!
So please - go get your booster shots if you can. Herd immunity protects all of us, especially individuals who cannot take a vaccination.
And please don't mention oregano oil ... it is one steaming pile of BS, unless you plan to use it to preserve poultry.
Just say no to pseudoscience and Woo!
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