Tuesday, November 17, 2015

bounce bounce

it was very windy today and blew some of this beautiful lichen down from my tree

NaBloPoMo is a good month for me - write every day about me and mine, instead of the write every day about proteins, food safety, informed consent, thalidomide ...

Life with Rosco is inspiring - he just gets on with it.
Three legs? Wtf - just do it, seems to be his motto. He's almost as fast on three as he was on four legs, though I think he'd tire faster (or maybe not).
His gait is becoming smoother as he adjusts to the different cant of his limbs. He can cock a leg to pee and has started once more to scratch backwards with his hind legs after taking a dump.
This morning, in his excitement to go for a walk, he jumped up and poked me with his front leg as if to to say "Get a move on!"
His joy is contagious.
His approach to life is inspiring.
Must take notes ...

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