Thursday, November 20, 2014

spt20nov14: let christmas commence

where's Waldo Amanda?
Since I finished a huge whack of my college assignment last night, burning the midnight oil just a tad, I rewarded myself by going out this evening. Christmas Marketplace opened at the arts centre - ahem, the 18th annual Blackberry Artist's Society Christmas Marketplace to be specific.
It's a Christmas tradition in the Tri Cities, and one that I'm very lucky to sell at, since I am a member of the aforementioned artist society.

This year is our first selling out of the new shop space. It's a bright and airy space at the front of the arts centre facing onto St. Johns Street. There's more wall space for the visual artists and some central display space for larger pieces. It's usually pretty zen in there, but this evening - standing room only, and not for too long. Works were flying off the shelves!

This year, since mr ebb, the Wee Guy and I are in the middle of two moves, I don't have a huge amount of inventory in the marketplace right now. I have enough to "pay my way" but of course I'd like there to be more.

The society is more than just retail space though - it's a community too. We're a small group but oh so talented! At meetings and opening receptions such as this evenings, I'm surrounded by a very creative, friendly and supportive bunch of people.

Thirteen years ago, when mr ebb and I left the UK and moved to Vancouver, I lost my community, leaving friends and work colleagues back in London. I did it again when we moved to Port Moody nine years ago, losing contact with a lot of the new network I'd worked so hard to create on immigration here.

And this year, I nearly did it again. We were seriously considering moving back to Vancouver, for big city/small housing life. It nearly happened peeps! *gives self smack upside head*
This time, this move, I realised that for once I will not be giving up my network and won't face starting all over again.
I have my network right here and I'm staying. No hunting for a new grocery store or doctor.
I have my community - they are my knitting pals, the Blackberry artists, shop owners I say hi to, friends I leave my dying plants with, friends I bump into at events around the city, businesses I've interviewed and reviewed, the post office clerk who knows who I am when I turn up for parcels, ...
This is where I am me, and I'm not leaving.

... and i promise i will collect the plants ...
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