Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 random things

Adventures in SEO: tits on the roof

So I've been tagged, by the awesome but currently unemployed (srsly???) Tracy at FashionForward40 to come up with five random facts about myself.
Is there anything about me you haven't already heard, or is just the randomness that makes it all good?
Here goes: -

1. For our 21st wedding anniversary, my husband and I celebrated with dinner at IKEA
This is a recent event so you probably know this already. It was an amazing meal, not a culinary highlight, but the event itself is special enough. It's the kind of celebration that only comes from knowing someone and being in love with them for more than two decades. It's a comfort thing, and not something that is readily celebrated in today's throw away, if it doesn't-work-then-leave culture. We've had our ups and downs; we'll never know if starting afresh with someone new would have been better, but right now - we're making it work, and enjoying each other as we get wrinklier, less flexible and harder to maintain!

2. I made some jewelry at the weekend. Not earthshattering as a random fact, but to me it's a big deal. I've been painting, doodling, writing for the last year or so but no jewlry for a while. Good timing too cos it's all for sale at the Blackberry Artist's Society 18th Annual Christmas Marketplace opening at Port Moody Arts Centre this Thursday evening! Expect some big earrings soon :)

3. At the end of my pregnancy (one of the three times I have been pregnant, and yes I only have one son), I weighed more than my husband. He's almost six feet tall and I'm a mere 5'3" ... I ate very well and delivered a basketball.

4.  I got called a histrionic cunt for sharing a post about #shirtgate this week - the trolls are definitely out there - aren't you boys?

5. My next paid writing gig involves long term storage of frozen urine.

And that is all
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