Friday, November 14, 2014

friday forte: and onwards #pomovotes14

expanded? my ass - this park is way too f*cking small for Golden Spike even these days
Tomorrow is election day in the fair city of Port Moody, and it's one of the bitchiest election campaigns I've been aware of since moving here. The claws are out and the teeth are bared. It's drawn along the lines of "we know better than you", and "you're all idiots for questioning us", "how dare you ask for details!" and "if you don't understand, then stop bothering us".
Those that are concerned are being painted as scare-mongers, upstarts, and scam artists.
Those who are not concerned are campaigning on the "same old, same old, vote for me - vote for consistency" platform.

In debating,who could speak loudest, longest, without needing to draw a breath was the victor?
Even a cute video wandered into the electioneering - though I'm still not quite sure how relevant the teletubbies are, but that's politics round here.

It's interesting.
The ones asking the questions are the new crowd, the people who have not been in power for year after year.
The ones taking umbrage are the people who have been around a while and now feel scrutinised by all the questions - of course they're feeling pressured. Wouldn't you?

Ho hum!
So tomorrow I'll exercise my right to vote.
And then wait for the results.

But whoever it is who wins at tomorrow evening's count should really be asking - why were so many people concerned? why so many questions about a community plan that is apparently done and dusted? and perfect?
What was so bad with communication with the residents, forcing a great more than ten people to voice their unease? What went wrong? and what is still going wrong?
And how can you now help get the messages across effectively, between city hall and the populace? without making them feel stupid or troublesome for asking?

/political message - normal service is resumed

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