Monday, November 03, 2014

knackered, but not up there

view back up the mountain (where we used to live)

Rainfall warning for this area, and oh boy is the stuff coming down. I snapped the photo above as I waited for the Wee Guy. The mountain where we used to live is blanketed in cloud. Sometimes it can be above the cloud, in glorious alpine sunshine but I suspect not today.
Do I miss living up there?
I miss the view.
I miss the eye level feeling of being with the clouds.
But no, tired as I am from not being home yet, I do not miss being up there.
Today we went places, and did not move the car.
We went everywhere by foot, soaked and puddle-jumping but on foot.
This weekend, we cycled to the library. The next day we walked from front door to Rec Centre Farmers Market and back again. No gas guzzled; no carbon emitted (except our own).
For Friday's trick or treat, we walked a neighbourhood - front yards, front doors, lanes, sidewalks, pumpkins, neighbours - we did not miss the garages, the strata, the conjoined dwellings.
While I loved living and growing in our old house, the time has come to move on ... and even though we're not quite there yet, I'm glad we did.

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