Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday - this was Sunday

I like the way the inlet bends round, leading off into the distance past the headland in this shot. It's pulling the viewer into the image, promising something new or different or better just around the corner.

Today was a 'me and the Wee Guy' day. It was a very sweet day with something better around every corner.

We made art at the arts centre open day. He covers a blank sheet without a second thought, mixing colours and creating scenes. No analysis. No second guessing. Freedom pulling him around the corners of creativity. Lucky child!

We skated - skated our little legs off. Coming hard on the heels of yesterday's skate ski session on Cypress, this was INTENSE. And we lapped many corners - our butts will remind us of this tomorrow.

We checked out the ice on the inlet - at least two inches thick in sluggish areas. Yes, that's ice stretching off into the near distance in the pic above.

We spilled hot chocolate at Gallagher's but we also learned how to mop up the dribbles and drink from a big cup. Round every corner there's a new skill, a new moment of independence just waiting for a taker.

So although the weather is grey and gloomy, there's still enough optimism in the air.
And, if the Weather Channel is to be believed, snow. About bloody time.

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