Tuesday, February 18, 2014

sea anchor

pumpkin, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

Speaking with a friend recently and finally submitting a piece of writing that was proving trickier than it first seemed, I finally realise how much negative thoughts hold you back.

The writing project wasn't tricky but somehow the words weren't flowing. I couldn't get a logical sequence going. I got stuck each time I looked at the text. So I did what I normally do and moved on to another project.

But the stuck piece clouded everything I tried to work on. So eventually I had to meet it head on, sit down for way longer than it deserved until I worked out what was missing. Then I sent it on its way and have competed a record amount of work since then.

It took up way to much headspace. Every time I thought about it my heart sank. Every time I tried not to think about it and get on with something new it crept into my thoughts, holding me back from progress like a sea anchor.

Then once I dealt with it, finished the project instead of pretending it wasn't there and avoiding it, I could think clearly again.

So I dealt with another sea anchor today, despatched it from my to do list and experienced the same relief. Instead of worrying away about solving a problem that want really mine in the first place I just did what I could and ticked it off my list. Sorted!


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