Thursday, February 27, 2014

spt27feb14: new boots

spt27feb14: new boots, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

As those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter know already, I scored these brand new Bern Baby Bern Keen boots for almost a tenth of their regular price at my local Value Village this afternoon.!
They are my size, black, adequate calf width, and no defects.
Just right for my increasingly itchy feet ... but more on this later.
Much later.

Today I finished my deadlines, including end-of-the-month invoicing. Only two tasks remain for tomorrow - maybe I'll get some painting in?
I think I might be easing into a workflow here.
And of course, Spring Break starts in just over two weeks :(
Just as I was getting used to seeing what I could manage Mon-Fri without overfilling my week.

What I would like to accomplish is 1. exercise and 2. art - I would dearly love to fit both of these into my workflow. So far I've been writing, writing, writing ... and being paid for it.
I must admit, it's a lovely feeling.
But I haven't done much in the way of exercise, or creative art, jewelry, making stuff.
I've taken steps.

For the exercise I've taken many, but not quite enough, steps. I now have a standing desk set up. If I need to pee (excuse the TMI) I walk up two flights of stairs to use the furthest bathroom. And today I took a brisk walk with a neighbour.
This also reminds me that I would like to add 'meeting with friends and going out more' to my 'what I'd like to accomplish' list.

And for the art, I've been taking lessons from the amazing Agata at the local arts centre (yes, where I used to work). I'm working in oils; I love it; Agata is an incredibly inspiring teacher.
For two hours each week I move colour around on a canvas.
Maybe I'll show you the results some day.

(as always) Stay tuned!

PS: I got new boots :)

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