Sunday, July 07, 2013

Family Bowling Misery

Family Bowling Misery, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

We have free coupons at our local bowling alley so technically we're assured a cheap summer of fun.
However, since we have to take the Wee Guy with us, it might not be quite the family joy we hopedd for.
He's quite a little misery.
A big black hole sucking the joy from a rare night out.
He pouts. The shoulders hunch. He sulks, even when he's beating one of us.
He doesn't listen to tips. Doesn't celebrate with improvement.
He's just a complete sadsack.
And it's not the first time.
This is just one more family outing he's dragged down.
We either put up with the sad face or spend the evening trying to cheer him up. Or we tell him to buck up.
It's such a regular occurrence now that I'm immune to the stares from other families while I try to cajole or ignore my son.
Yes - we get that he's anxious. We know he's sensitive. We accept he's stubborn.
But heck - can we not have a relaxing and enjoyable family outing that isn't punctuated by miseryguts?

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