Monday, July 01, 2013

miserable record

Canada Day bike ride
Canada Day: bike ride with the boys
A most miserable record for blogging.
I'm stymied in part by the lack of autopost-ability since the demise of Posterous (I'm keeping an eye out on Posthaven to see when the function returns, and have almost convinced myself that I would pay for this service!).
Port Moody's annual sausage fest
Saturday: these guys just bought me three tickets for dinner with firefighters!

I'm also silenced by running not one, but three jobs at the moment.
Forget I ever whinged about not finding employment - I now have three terrific writing gigs gobbling up my textual time. I'm loving it, but as you've noticed, I'm blogging much less.
More on this in another post.
Sunday: total cute out knitting with the ladies

I'm also creating much less.
I'm doing more 2D and digital art, but less mixed media wearable stuff.
More on this in another post.
Port Moody's annual sausage fest
PoMo's annual fertility fest, this year with massive pancake alongside the invitation to sausage
But enough on the prose navel-gazing! It's Canada Day - a long weekend of festivities in blazing sunshine to kick off nine glorious weeks of no school.
Yes, school is out and this mama has three jobs to fit in, around and in spite of family life.
Why, oh why? My timing sucks ;)
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