Thursday, July 25, 2013

self portrait thursday: orchids @ C

Not Thursday, and not at sea but still a selfie.
Sporadic posting because I'm doing more writing elsewhere. My fingers don't get to my keyboard to send to the blog so much.
I'm wading thru projects establishing process and fraudulently feeling like I maybe don't belong.
But I can do this.
I just need to treat myself a little better, take care of the body attached to the fingers and be confident that Yes I Can.
Be my own cheer leader squad?
Not really necessary - I have a great team around me, who blow my trumpet for me and keep me pepped up with energy for the spaghetti-soup-untangling job-in-hand.
We'll get there. We're in this together.
Allow me to cheer lead for you too.
Together we'll make sense of it all.
Go team! Go!!
... and thanks :)
you know who you are
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