Thursday, July 11, 2013

self-portrait thursday: apparently not me

I might be visible in a reflection somewhere but no, it's not really an SPT I suppose.
Or is it? as the Wee Guy is fond of uttering in a pseudo-dramatic mystery story script kind-of way.

I suppose this might be one of the truest types of self portraits. He is, after all, half me. Biologically he has half my genetic code coursing through him and permeating every cell. His proteins are made by genes directly inherited from me. He has no pre-programmed option but to be like me, and be like his dad.

And we're noting this, have been noticing this since birth. When I saw his first yawn, it was like watching a miniature version of mr ebb in action.

He whistles tunelessly, just like my crusty great uncle.

He likes maple syrup and bacon.
He swims like a little fish.
He's pedantic and puns.
He's easily lost inside a book.

He also 'loses it' when he's anxious.
The apple, so they say, does not fall far from the tree, so digging through those dusty childhood memories sometimes helps me understand what's going on inside that complicated growing mind of his.

It's like facing your demons, second time around, and still not really understanding them. Or remembering what worked. Or what you would have liked people to do. Or what made you anxious in the first place.

Empathy/parenting - a work in progress.

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