Monday, November 28, 2011

midlife monday: use it or lose it

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yes, it's a vagina post - look away if you're scared of the dark

Midlife, midlife. Shall I count the ways I love thee?
Well, maybe I shouldn't waste may time counting the ways but spend it loving my vagina instead.

This morning I retweeted this from my blog reader. Yes, I have some great material to read over breakfast, but none as potentially terrifying as the thought of a midlife disappearing vagina act. Just when you thought that some things were immune to the forces of gravity, eh? According to Wikipedia (and is anyone else slightly perturbed at the face of Jimmy Wales looming over the dire warning of impending genital doom?) it happens in, around and in spite of the menopause. It's presented as a dead cert for anyone without a Y chromosome and accompanied by an eye-watering array of symptoms according to the Mayo clinic.

Fortunately, there are Things That Can Be Done. In short (and that's what your vagina will become if you don't take heed), please get ready for lubrication, dildos, sex over the age of 50, and oestrogen pessaries. It's also a great excuse for regular sex - What do you mean you've got a headache? Dammit man! My vagina's getting shorter by the minute - do something!

Have fun in midlife :)

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