Friday, November 25, 2011

friday forte: when I lifted my eyes from my desk


... this is the view I saw. Beautiful clouds in the sunlight. Clear sky.
On my desk - literature review, homework assignments, admin. Outside - a wonderful sunny day.
My head has been well and truly down for what seems like an age. My nose has been stuck variously to the grindstone, inside a book, or pointed at the computer screen as I bash away at online work. I feel very withdrawn from life - it' s been necessary to sever connections so I can get this shitload of stuff done. As usual, I'm more productive if I disappear from my social media universe for a while. Let me rephrase - I have longer chunks of time to concentrate in if I ignore my online life, and time to concentrate has been what was needed recently.
But I miss online. I missed handing in an assignment on time cos I was offline/ignoring online! I miss online interaction. I miss tapping out a blog post or playing around with flickr or hunting down YouTube videos to embed. It's like a part of me is missing ... but no, not in an addictive way. I miss the creativeness of it all.
Only a couple more weeks of crazy.
Not long.

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