Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas 101: shipping gifts

How about a little post-election gift shopping?
either here Christmas 101: shipping gifts: or at Fab Fair in Vancouver today?

Some fortunate souls have their nearest and dearest close to hand, thus avoiding lengthy queuing at the postal outlets or lose/lose fights with sticky tape or parcel string.
For the rest of us, might I suggest some of the smaller and easily packaged gifts you will fund (in abundance) in the gift shop.
We have jewellery.
We have tiny ceramic tasting pots.
We have exquisite felted flowers.
We have luxurious handwoven and handknitted scarves for flat packing.
We have miniature tree ornaments (yes, even for miniature trees!).
... and don't forget our beautiful cards, gift bags and gift tags.
A one-stop gift shop for the globally scattered.

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