Friday, November 11, 2011

friday forte: in remembrance

in remembrance, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

I couldn't find my peace poppy this morning so my red poppy didn't have its usual company on my lapel.

Remembrance Day is an amazingly busy event in Port Moody. I believe this is so throughout Canada - I can't remember it being that big a deal back in the UK, though I do remember freezing outside the church in thin cotton Brownie/Guide uniforms not designed with a Scottish winter in mind. But in Port Moody, the centre of town comes to a standstill around the cenotaph as the local air squadron does a fly past of every legion ceremony in Lower Mainland. After Port Moody, the eight planes flying in formation veered off north over Belcarra and then on to Deep Cove.

The ceremony is a well attended event with a broad range of ages in the crowd. Little children sit on shoulders for the best view. Older couples stare resolutely into the distance. Couples my age clutch a young set of medals. After the official stuff, the Wee Guy and I took part in another peculiarly Canadian custom - we took off our poppies and pinned them on the wreaths.

Attending the Remembrance Day ceremony means much more to me now that I'm a parent. It's like a lot of other parts of life; it has so much more resonance now that I'm a mother. The names carved onto the monuments are now recognisable as sons and daughters.

I wish I could find my peace poppy.

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