Monday, February 28, 2011

OMG! monday followed by too much? tuesday

going back to my roots tomorrow

As with the start of any overwhelmingly busy week, I spent today muttering OMG a lot while trying to whip myself into action. I did manage eventually to focus my thoughts into getting some productive and purposeful work done (homework, editing and layout, business admin, even started on a new necklace for "home is where the heart is").

A good thing cos tomorrow is one heck of a busy day, and the day after isn' much better, and lo! Thursday looks jam-packed too.

how many dragonflies?

Tomorrow the Roots exhibition comes down so I need to unstring about thirty wire dragonflies. It's also a college day (via transit), and a Safeway customer appreciation day (10% off or 10x airmiles so a good time to do that big grocery shop for the month). Then in the evening I have to frame the thirty odd dragonflies plus the thirteen or so acorns cos their next destination doesn't have much 3D space for display (allez oops! up on the wall they go!).

a plethora of acorns

On Wednesday the Roots show relocates to the Whistler Scotia Creek Gallery (pray for good road conditions on the Sea-to-Sky). The opening reception is on Thursday - I'll probably miss it (college day) but I haven't finally decided.

I don't think I've scheduled anything for Friday so far.
Let's keep it that way ;)

skiving off

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