Friday, February 25, 2011

friday forte: crime and punishment

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no, it's not that kind of post

crime: overloaded with work
punishment: feeling somewhat overwhelmed (but coping), concentration vanishing, creativity approaching zero

crime: working at something every single minute
punishment: no treats, no exercise

crime: too busy
punishment: losing track of friends

crime: working right up till bedtime
punishment: flaky skin from lack of face maintenance, difficult switching brain off and going to sleep

crime: tiredness
punishment: being crabby with the Wee Guy :(

peak to peak excitement

summary: neglecting self - feeling lousy, frittering time away - feeling guilty, decreased productivity - more stress

solution: take matters into own hands and be grown up about making things happen for self, schedule rejuvenating breaks, develop realistic game plan, meet up with friends, plan some inspiring and enjoyable evenings out for myself, "softer" approach to going to bed - a good book, face scrubs and retinol night cream!

result: chatty Wee Guy, less aged looking skin, back at the bench with renewed vigour :)

off guising
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