Sunday, February 20, 2011

friday forte: not sure where it went

Somewhere in the ether between email and posterous my Friday forte post is lurking; it hasn't made it to posterous and it sure as hell hasn't made it to the blog. Wassup?

So, this is friday' post (well as much as I can remember) coming at you now.

I think I whiffled on about having 'to do' list a mile long, and having deadlines to be met pronto.

I might have mentioned that I seem to be working on something Every Single Minute of consciousness (and unconsciousness too if my dreams are any reflection).

I might even have spluttered about having homework to throw into the mix.

.... and to cap it all, there was a Pro D day too!

Then I spoiled it all by saying I had thrown in the towel and gone skiing for the day with the Wee Guy!


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