Sunday, February 06, 2011

friday forte: there are always blue skies above

Yes, it's Sunday.
I had good intentions to post a late ff on Friday but a nap on the couch with mrs pig turned into a 2 hour marathon session followed by bedtime.

Last week I discovered that

- self doubt is not kept at bay by merely being occupied 25 hours a day. There is still space for anxious thoughts and crap moments.

- I can get really down on myself when I think I'm not achieving as much as I should be. But I found out that my yardstick is not always correct. I was comparing my self to the wrong thing.

- some apparently good opportunities are not the right fit for me, and may in fact be detrimental for my long term goals

- puddles of sunshine boost me up when I'm feeling low, and recharges my self-belief energy. Last week's sunshine puddles included coffee and chat with a good friend, a phone call with my sister, chatting with a friend who is starting her own business (and who is awesome and stocks my stuff! thanks Karen), and calling in to visit Christine at Family Place.

- blogging about it helps.

There is always blue sky above the grey.

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