Thursday, December 30, 2010

SPT December 30th

SPT December 30th, originally uploaded by ebbandflo_pomomama.

SPT = self portrait thursday, in which a bunch of Etsy sellers take pics of themselves

Back on track perhaps after the giddiness of the festive period?
The turkey's a distant memory.
Sadly, one guest is departed (and arrived home safely) though the other is here for another week or so. We have plans.
Gift wrapping is in the recycling bin, the thank you list was handwritten by the Wee guy this year.
I don't feel as though my space has been invaded as much as I normally do during the holidays (you'll be at home for how long? and when does school go back?).

Nope, although the lead in to xmas was, to put it mildly, crap I think that once it got going the whole shebang went smoothishly. I've been blessed with very easy house guests (please come back anytime) and immediate family who yield to my authority whenI get snippy. Catering was a breeze - I cooked everthing (yes, everything) on Christmas Day and it lasted until this lunchtime. Frances suffered the most - she was offered the same meal of turkey/salad/roasted veg/chutneys for the entirety of her stay and ate with good grace/humour (my sincere apologies for the repetitiveness of the fare - i hope the breakfasts/company made up for it).

And that, dear reader is christmas in a nutshell IMHO - mass catering over a number of days without me going near the kitchen. Call it planning, call it survival - it works for me (red pepper and goat cheese flan tomorrow).

Last SPT of the year - hmmm, not looking too bad!

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