Friday, December 10, 2010

friday forte: taking it by the book

I've got nothing in me (quite literally) right now. All my fretting about Christmas prep, craft fairs, gallery exhibition prep, last week's leaky water main, the chequing account being empty (yes, at only the first week in December), getting asked to do my first solo show (yay!), volunteer stuff, housework, childcare, parenting issues, and so bloody on has culminated in my guts turning into a rapid transit system.

Do not come visit right now.
I will be fine for tomorrow's (last) craft fair but thinner.
So far I've eaten yogurt and tea with no ill effect.

It's been a good reminder to me to prioritise only the priorities and not to worry needlessly about 'that which I cannot change'.
Lesson learned.

... and I got final acceptance for the college diploma course I want to take part time starting in January.

Yay me! Let's hold it together till then (and beyond).

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